MICI Midnight Phone Wallet

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Designed as a constant reminder to let the truth of WHO WE ARE in Christ speak to us through this unique pattern, made up by layering the MICI logo into this timeless damask (now synonymous with the MICI brand) these IPhone cases come in Pearl, Pepper and Midnight exclusive to the MICI IDENTITY range.

Environmentally-friendly, leather-like case material with hybrid durable strap.

Fashioned with the MICI Magazine logo "MICI" which stands for Made In Christ's Image. If you look closely you'll notice little MICI logo's layered (literally) into this beautiful and unique damask pattern, spreading the message that our IDENTITY in Christ is effortlessly and purposefully woven into every part of our DNA.


Who is MICI Magazine?  www.micimagazine.com


RFID protection material built in.

Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery